Use Virtual Badge®
to manage your organization’s identities
and rapidly collect data

  1. Register for your Virtual Badge® remotely– no lines, no hardware, no hassle
  2. Display your badge to be checked-in. Scan a Virtual Badge® with another smartphone.
  3. Collect survey and form data while in the field.
  4. Manage remote teams of users. View all badge-holders from your device.

Increase the value of your
workforce today by using Virtual Badge®

Identity Management
Store IDs, Credentials, and User Information in a Virtual Badge®
Activity Reporting
Create actionable data by submitting mobile data reports
Optional GPS Tracking
For added security, optionally GPS track badges that have been scanned-in
Create Teams of Users
Manage your team with Virtual Badge® even if they don’t have a smartphone
Data Analysis
Create unique reports based on collected data
Robust Integration
Use Virtual Badge® as a middleware to send collected data to your existing applications

We’ve used Virtual Badge®
for a multitude of purposes, including
10+ years of Disaster Response




Enterprise &









  • "Their Virtual Badge® software helped us save time and gave us an unprecedented view of operations during this exercise. Using Virtual Badge®, we were able to collect electronic check-ins up to five hours faster than with our existing manual processes, and we were instantly able to share this data with all cooperating agencies." Division Chief Nigel Baker,
  • "This product provides a means to properly authenticate and certify users for security purposes." [...] “The system is flexible and scalable to support the full spectrum of multi-agency and multi-discipline incidents and events” Dept. of Homeland Security
    STEP analysis report
  • “We saved $200,000 a day once we started using Virtual Badge to handle our inventory” Enrique Pena, BP
    Deepwater Horizon Response
  • "VB provided a better grasp of Situational Awareness than I have ever witnessed before as a USCG Contingency Preparedness & Exercise Passener Vessel Safety and Mass Rescue Specialist." Paul Culver, USCG
    National Exercise Director
  • "When our military personnel are every day in ambiguous situations and we don’t know the good guys from the bad guys, Virtual Badge offers solutions which transcend this exercise and which we need today. We need to implement this system for future uses." Superintendent
    United States Air Force Academy
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